“Ray Donovan” Season 1


"Ray Donovan" (Season 1, release date – June 18, 2013) is one of the very exciting and popular TV shows in the last five years.

The hero of the project is a forty-five years old specialist who is sorting out the troubles of well-known people, for decent wages eliminate any trouble that darkens the life of his clients. His aides will provide an alibi, "clean up" the territory and tweak the reputation of any gentleman with a decent bank account.


In this series, you will find a bunch of really popular celebrities, for example:

  • Liev Schreiber,
  • Paula Malcomson,
  • Eddie Marsan,
  • Dash Mihok,
  • Jon Voight,
  • Steven Bauer,
  • Katherine Moennig,
  • Puig Hall,
  • Karris Dorsey
  • Devon Bagby


If a person is well-known and has a lot of money, it does not mean that he has no problems in life. Millionaires often get into troubles. Ray Donovan is always ready to help this wealthy people in the need, proudly carrying the title of expert in solving famous people’s problems.

The expert competence includes such things as the exclusion of possible traces or evidence after the crime, creating an alibi to the offender, hiding the marital betrayal and so on. It is great help to solve the problem of the others, but only it is not so simple to deal with his own problems.

In fact, his life was not so bad, while of the father did not come out from unpleasant places on the freedom. The man was in prison with the help of his son. And it is not surprising that he wants to punish him. His father decides to make it, saying to the FBI that his son has an illegal business deal with. Plus, the brothers also delivered a man great amount of troubles, the Main character would have to seek solace from his spouse, and she always orders his tantrums.

Customers of Ray faces to a great number of serious troubles, so the man has no time to sit like an idle. We have to cooperate with public figures, such as actor Sean Walker who cannot do without the help of Donovan. He began to be blackmailed by the unknown people, saying that they will lay out the online video of an erotic nature, which are involving in the starring actor.

The series is full exciting events and Interesting stories that will surely conquer even the most demanding viewers. To say the truth, this TV series is worth watching.


To date, over 4 season of the show, which has received great popularity among viewers.

As the continuation of the series (season 5) will presumably in early 2017.

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