Ray Donovan 3 Season Release Date Premiere 2015

Ray Donovan 3 season release date
Ray Donovan 3 season release date is now known. The release date of the third season of Ray Donovan series has been scheduled by Showtime.
On August 20, 2014 Showtime officially announced about the release of Ray Donovan 3 season. This news pleased with the huge number of loyal fans who already fell in love with this dark and unusual drama series. The new season as the previous ones will have 12 episodes.

Ray Donovan 3 season release date is known

The main character of the show is Ray Donovan who is the fixer of certain problems of the most rich and famous people of the USA. Celebrities, politicians and businessmen appeal to Ray when they need to fix their problems quietly. However, apart from his difficult work, he has also many problems arising in his large family – wife, children, brothers and more importantly his father – a former convict.

Ray Donovan 3 season release date July 12, 2015
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