Rattled Season 2

Do you have children you just thinking about becoming parents? In any case this kind and hilarious reality serial under the title “Rattled” will be very useful for you. Here you can laugh at the situations that happen to you sometimes or just simply learn a lesson that family is a big deal, the most important life project on which people should work on.

Some words about the developers

Rattled Season 2 PosterThe serial is considered to be a TV reality project about families, various problems inside them, and the mundane everyday life of their members.
The series is reckoned to be a project of Magilla Entertainment and also Flower Films. The one and the only Drew Barrymore serves here as an executive producer1 in collaboration with Nancy Juvonen. The pioneer chapter of the project was given a start this year if to be more concrete in the beginning of February.

What is the serial actually about?

The serial revolves around four families, four married couples who are completely different, and i.e. they have their own peculiarities. Let’s define the main ones. The first couple is considered to be religious-minded. The second one consists of parents who are both eager to achieve success in their working sphere.  Thus, their careers are of vital importance for them. The third family is composed of parents and quads! Can you imagine this? And the last couple has, unfortunately, difficulties in their relations. These troubles have been caused particularly by the appearance of a child in their life.
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These families are from various corners of the USA. They are just at the beginning of their parenthood career. They are the newcomers. Consequently, they have a lot of lessons to be taught. Let’s, at least, define some of these lessons and issues for the experience because in fact there is a great number of them.
So it is, for example, the attempt to balance the work and care for a child. One person from the couple should be at home constantly. As a second point, we can present a problem of maintaining feeling and relationships. Parents should also know about the right ways for their child’s upbringing. The latter issue is one of the most important ones, for in the future a child brought up in a wrong way will feel it in its behavior as an adult.
So in the series every case is unique. One thing all four families have in common. And this thing is a parenthood road full of potholes.

Current season ratings and resumption possibility

Rattled Season 2 Promo
The humorous way in which the situations and challenges are presented here has become possibly the main reason for a considerably high rating achieved by the series. People are finding themselves in this picture because it’s mainly about their life.
Since the first season is now still broadcast on TLC, there is no word about the resumption of the serial for a second chapter as well as about the Rattled season 2 release date. Stay tuned in order to be notified timely about the upcoming announcements.


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