The Rap Game Season 3

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On Lifetime Channel the Rap Game Season 3 started to launch.

The Rap Game will introduce you the story, in which a lot of young rap singers appear. In the 3rd season premiere, you can see the company, which help young singers to reach their aims and to become popular. Here a lot of curious moments will appear, so you will be interesting when watching it.


In that new season, you can see the cast, which consists of a lot of actors. Among them we must notice:

  • Shakim Compere.
  • Queen Latifah.
  • Jemaine Dupri.
  • Kevin Dill.
  • Mechelle Collins.
  • Laura Fuest Silva.
  • Sean Rankine.
  • Chris Deux.

Pay attention, that with help of actors, who have great experience in this deal, the serial become more interesting and exciting. It was produced by Jermaine Dupri, Chris Deaux, Laura Fuest Silva and Queen Latifa. They decide to launch the first season in the first month of 2016.


Pay attention, that such serial is a new wave, which will help young talented people to be in the center of attention. Here you can see a lot of interesting stories of how young people appear in a company and ask for a professional help.

In the center of attention, you will see the director of such agency and his personnel. They believe, that there are a lot of talented young rapers, who will be more accurate in this business and in future they will prove their words.

One day Jermain Dupri, who is the director of that company, decided to present his work to everybody. With help of his colleges, he introduced the singing competition, in which different rap artists will take part. Here a lot of singers at the age of 12-16 will appear. And some of them will have an opportunity to take a contract with So Def Recordings.


An unusual plot and a big amount of people of different ages. So, it is obviously, that such season of the serial will be interesting for adults and for children, Besides. Here are no age limits, so you can enjoy it with all the members of your family.

The duration of one new episode is approximately 43 minutes, so each day you have an opportunity to watch it. The country, where it was produced, is the USA. So you can be sure, that it is not an empty waste of time.

The Rap Game 3 Season release date is the 8th of October in the year of 2016. That is a season air date. Now it is available for everyone, who like to see the reality TV series.

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The Rap Game: Season 2 – Official Preview | Premieres July 22 10/9c | Lifetime

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