Ransom Season 2

The international production group including such countries as Canada, France, Germany, and the United States embarks on creating a procedural drama with all those features that can be ever noted in the genre. Ransom has appeared on the CBS channel much recently. Specifically, the first season air date is January 1, 2017. The freshman installment includes 13 parts. With such a state of affairs, there is no waiting for Ransom season 2 release date, surely, but some doubts appear when starting to speak about rating figures of the new project. Everything is not so inspiring and promising, as it could have been imagined.
Ransom Season 2 Release Date
To add concreteness to the post, here we have compiled the list of executives:

  • David Vainola,
  • Frank Spotnitz,
  • Jennifer Kawaja,
  • Julia Sereny,
  • Valerie Pechels,
  • Odile McDonald.

The contributing group of companies includes Big Light Productions, Entertainment One, Wildcats Productions, Sienna Films, and Corus Entertainment are behind the production. Luke Roberts is leading the cast member.


At the crux of narration, Eric Beaumont spearheads his team of investigators, as they follow and explore the most difficult cases of kidnapping and ransom demands. To resolve them, they need visit various corners of our globe. Surely, it is not without risks and hazards that threaten their lives considering the cases they take.
The stories have backgrounds from reality based on the experience of outstanding experts Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery.
Ransom Season 2 Release Date

Unfavorable Reception

The entire team of studios, with their producers on board, has been working hard on the serial. The paradox of the situation is that the ratings garnered during the opening broadcast were not so much solid and decent.
During the first season premiere, an exceptional amount of 6.6 million watchers was gathered. The sequential airing became a failure as about half of that audience refrained from further following.  The decline may influence the future decision regarding the revival.
As for the general impression produced, the viewers state that the story is by-the-books and standard. The characters are less than inspiring and the events just generally predictable.  It is not a great secret that procedural dramas are not a rare case on screens. Herewith, each new episode should make it best to surprise its audience. This drama failed to do this, regretfully, having received rather mixed opinions from ordinary watchers and critics.
So far, nothing is heard of the renewal. The second season release date is a far away perspective. We should just hope that the project will be given a second chance, to right the ship. Stay tuned for updates!


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