Rake Season 5

This year we have enjoyed already the fourth chapter of the Australian dramedy entitled “Rake”. The fifth season is yet to be confirmed. But it is too early for such things according to our opinion. That’s why you should not worry about the fate of the charming hero of Richard Roxburgh. Stay optimistic and subscribe to our service in order to follow all aspects of this serial.

General Review of the Serial

The series is a dramedy by its genre. The broadcast is held in Australia on ABC (AU). The first premiere was held in 2010. Since then, we have been lucky to enjoy four seasons. The latest chapter is dated back to May 2016. Thus, the fifth one can be expected only next year.
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Rake comes to be produced by the duo – Blow by Blow Productions and Essential Media. The script is developed by Peter Duncan and Andrew Knight. The rest part of creators includes Richard Roxburgh, the performer of the lead role, by the way, and Charles Waterstreet. Miranda Dear leads the team of executives.

Following the Narrative

The main character of the story is a dysfunctional criminal lawyer who knows his onions when it comes down to defending those people who have fallen victim to different injustices.
Apart from this, being a philanderer in his heart and soul, he always gets involved in various loving affairs. This aspect adds greatly to the capturing opportunity of the story. The audience interest is tackled, thus.
The story, frankly speaking, is a balanced mixture of moral ambiguity, buffoonery, clever courtroom tricks, and relatable human drama. There is nothing in excess. Everything is put on the right place wand with much professionalism applied.
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How was It Received?

Looking at the score on IMDb, we should conclude at once that the story is a hit on the Australian television. The praise has been received also from critics as this is a good sign indeed. Additionally, the series has numerous awards and nominations.
The series viewership is, nevertheless, not so great. The two seasons were noted for 1 million people garnered in front of TV sets while the rest of the course of events is distinguished by about 0.6 million watchers.
The broadcast of the serial has been held also in the USA on Audience Network, as well as on Netflix internationally. The Fox Network launched only the first season and then the airing was put on hold there.
Rake Season 5 Cast

Concerning the Series Future

The latest season has premiered rather recently and that’s why we cannot hope for the early appearance of data concerning the resumption, as well as the for the emergence of the Rake season 5 release date. It is too early for such things though the revival coming is possible.
The chances of the revival are great. So do not worry much about the series future. Stay optimistic and subscribe to our service in order to follow all aspects becoming known on official resources of the series, as we are taking info from them.



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