Railroad Alaska Season 4

Railroad Alaska Season 4 Release Date


Railroad Alaska is the serial which was presented a couple of years ago. Nobody doesn’t expect, that after season premiere it will become so popular among the population of different countries and especially on Destination America channel.


Here a lot of actors play. But very often you will see these ones in cast:

Ralph Ineson.

Edward Patrick White.

Blair Wallace.

Paul Goodman.

Bob Jackson.

Fiona Clarke.

Tim Kimber.

As for the directors of the serial, we must name Paul Goodman and Nick Schoolyard.


That season of the serial will show you the work of people, who are watching for the usage of the railway in the USA. Here all the events took place in far Alaska. In the center of attention, there will be a group of masters, who think, that work is the main thing in their lives. Although, you will see the strict conditions, in which people must work. When each day here is low temperatures, the danger of meeting wild animal and big snow fall must be overcome.

With help of such railroad, a lot of passengers are transmitted. Especially, here we must name tourists and local citizens. Also, it is used for transportation of military equipment, remedies, and food. The most important line is crossed the little city, so the group of people, who work here, must be very attentive and careful.

There are 800 km of road in bad conditions by the complex landscape. But the real professional didn’t give up – they do their best to make their work at the highest level.


The Railroad Alaska 4 season release date is the 9th February this year.  That is also season air date. If you like documental films, this season of the serial will be interesting for you. The duration of one new episode is 44 minutes.

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