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The audience’s interest in crime dramas appeared long time ago. Pictures like “The Godfather” and other similar movies are well-known to the whole world, and the public likes them for sincerity, as well as for the chance to plunge into the new world full of adventures and strong people’s tough deeds. One of such projects is an American TV series “Quarry” which during season 1 was able to gain viewers’ love and earn a very high rating. Despite the absence of any official information from the authors the audience more and more often asks the creators the question they are worried about: when will “Quarry” season 2 be released? Premiere Date is still unknown, but despite this fact the fans hope for the coming of a new episode to return them an unusual atmosphere of the series and bring even more action and adventures.

Authors Crew

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The first season release date was on September 9, 2016. The season included eight parts and each episode was about one hour.
The work on “Quarry” was based on famous novels by an American mystery writer Max Allen Collins. The creators of the series are Michael D. Fuller and Graham Gordy. The project is a product of cooperation of a few respected companies such as HBO Entertainment, Night Sky Productions, Anonymous Content and One Olive. The channel responsible for the broadcasting of “Quarry” is a famous US network Cinemax.

Cast and Plot Peculiarities

The show tells the story of a former marine Mac Conway Logan Marshall-Green. The soldier returns home from the cruel Vietnam War where he fought heroically until 1972. But upon his arrival in his renewed native country he realizes that he became an outcast and cannot not adapt to unusual conditions for him. Despite all Mac’s attempts to abandon his combat activities he is involved in criminal affairs, that take place in America and is assigned to eliminate The Broker (Peter Mullan), a well-known crime boss.
Among the other actors who participated in season 1 are:
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  • Jodi Balfour playing the role of Joni Conway;
  • Nikki Amuka-Bird whose character is Ruth;
  • Edoardo Ballerini (Karl);
  • Damon Herriman playing Buddy and others.

Renewal Potential and Ratings

The unusual popularity that the series has earned is clearly visible on the rating: on a popular website IMDB its score is 8.5/10, which is quite a lot, especially while speaking about a single season. Critics point out an excellent acting game and colorful scenes of the America of 1970s where the action takes place.
But a great number of viewers want for the new season premiere to be characterized as even more dynamic. Anyway, the next season two is about to be released. The fans are waiting for it and hope that the new season air date will be officially presented as soon as possible.



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