Quantico Season 2 Release Date

Quantico Season 2 Release Date


The actions are taking place in Quantico located at the base of the real FBI’s base in Quantico, Virginia. In the first season, regular training aimed at the service of recruits was broken major terrorist attack, in which the involvement was charged with one of the best trainees.

ABC announced Quantico season 2 release date for October of 2016. However, there is no any confirmed announcement of season 2 release date of Quantico on Bluray and DVD.


In Quantico season 2 premiere you will see such Actors Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Aunjanue Ellis, Yasmine Al Massri, Johanna Braddy, Josh Hopkins, Tate Ellington, Graham Rogers, Jacob Artist, Victor Cornfoot and Anabelle Acosta.


Quantico season 2 episode 1 will still focus on the newcomers in the Federal Bureau of Investigation in USA, the FBI graduates of educational institutions, which are directed to one of the secret military bases in the small town of Quantico, Virginia. Among the recruits there brutal selection, for service to the state will reMain only 6 agents.

To guide the internship was appointed Lieutenant Colonel Miranda Shaw. Miranda in the two-thousand years became the first woman appointed to such a high position.

The assistant Miranda and the FBI Special Agent with huge experience behind him – Liam O’Connor, together they collected this group of cadets men and women of different races and religions, in order to select the best of them, 6 lucky to act in the interests of the United States in different continents .

One of the recruits is very beautiful girl Weaver Alex gets into a cherished number 6. After being chosen there comes the powerful terrorist attack, two planes crashed into the largest city skyscrapers. The number of suspects in the preparation of a terrorist attack character Alex gets, it is taken into custody.

Interesting Facts

  • Quantico season 1 is directed by Mark Munday, starring Josh Hopkins and Priyanka Chopra as majors. The premiere took place in October of 2015;
  • According to director Mark Munday, it is currently being filmed, and the preparation of the material, the premiere is tentatively scheduled for broadcasting of the next year. As we offer to get acquainted with at least the popular franchise of the FBI;

The director of Quantico season 2 is Miranda Shaw who was invited after her success of TV series broadcasted on ABC Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, in which the Main characters are also played African-American actress .

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