Purity Season 1 Release Date

Purity Season 1 Release Date


Showtime has requested the production of Purity season 1, featuring Daniel Craig as Andreas Wolf. The restricted arrangement depends on the Jonathan Franzen novel of the same name. Showtime has requested 20 episodes of Purity season 1 premiere that  will be released through the span of two years. 

Purity season 1 release date is planned by Showtime for the second half of 2017. The production will start in early of 2017. Currently there is no news about Purity season 1 release date on DVD and Bluray.


Along with Daniel Craig you can see in Purity season 1 episode 1 such producers Eli Bush, Todd Field, Jonathan Franzen, David Hare and Scott Rudin. There is no news about other Actors who will participate in the TV project.


Purity season 1 will show an ethically complex Story of energetic optimism, compelling devotion and heartless homicide. Jonathan Franzen’s complicatedly plotted novel is populated by characters both hungry for reality and urgent to conceal it. From STASI posterity to Oakland revolutionaries, Franzen tracks his characters’ scenes as differed as East Berlin, the Bolivian wilderness, East Harlem walk-ups, and the California Redwoods. Virtue is on the double remarkably driven in degree and strongly hint in its treatment of character – a decades-crossing tragicomedy that works to a contemporary peak.

Interesting Facts

  • Craig will officially produce the show with Todd Field, who is composing, and will likewise coordinate each scene. Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, David Hare, and Jonathan Franzen are likewise official delivering. Bunny and Franzen will likewise serve as scholars on the Purity TV arrangement;
  • Todd Field (Little Children, In the Bedroom) will compose, immediate and official produce, alongside official makers Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, David Hare and Jonathan Franzen. Hare and Franzen will likewise serve as essayists on the arrangement. Field will coordinate each scene.

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