Pure Season 2

A piercing and extremely plausible story was presented recently on a Canadian television channel CBC. This is the series Pure produced in the same country, which for 6 episodes has managed to get the recognition of many viewers and especially those who prefer criminal dramas. Each new episode was accompanied by experiences and excitement, and after the last one was presented, the audience is still continuing to worry, but already on another occasion: when will Pure season 2 be presented? Release date of the next part is till shrouded in mystery, but if the authors will come to a certain conclusion about the coming of the show, the date of its return and second season premiere will be announced immediately.

Authors and Creators

The first season start was scheduled for January 9, 2017. The finale sixth episode was presented on February 13, 2017, and since then there hasn’t been any information concerning the renewed season air date.
Pure Season 2 date release

The creator of the series is Michael Amo, the author of Pure’s script. Ken Girotti is the director of this show, and this is him who has turned this project into a beloved program.

Some producers working in order the series new episodes to air are also worth mentioning:

  • Brett Burlock;
  • Ginny Jones-Duzak;
  • Peter Emerson;
  • David MacLeod.

The companies producing Pure are Two East Production and Cineflix; the network broadcasting the series and responsible for the next new season release date is CBC.
Pure Season 2

Plot Review and Cast

The main character of this crime drama is Noah Funk, a pastor who makes a strong-willed decision to rid his settlement of drug traffickers and hand all the guilty to the hands of the authorities. But not everything is so simple: a man faces rough ultimatum according to which he is compelled to go to illegal actions in order to protect his family. Until the very last minute the TV series keeps in suspense, so many viewers hope for continuation.

The actors participating in Pure are the following ones:

  • Ryan Robbins, acting as Noah Funk;
  • A.J. Buckley, presenting Bronco Novak;
  • Rosie Perez, whose character is Phoebe O’Reilly;
  • Alex Paxton-Beesley, playing the role of Anna Funk;
  • Peter Outerbridge, presenting Eli Voss;
  • Dylan Everett, acting as Isaac Funk;
  • Jessica Clement, whose character is Tina Funk, and many other actors.

Pure Season 2

Viewers’ Expectations and Possible Renewal

Even if the rating of the series on IMDB is not the highest one (6.6/10), the show is still has very good chances to be renewed. The public believes that the second part will be released yet, and when new season two air this will be a real gift for the fans of the program. Thus, stay tuned not to miss any information connected with the premiere and to know the schedule of the following part.

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