Psycho Hiker Part 5 Release Date

Psycho Hiker Part 5 Release Date


One Epic Shot Productions brings you a myriad of entertainment & hope to achieve in continuing to move forward to bigger & better things. The inventors of Psycho Hiker Part 5 premiere get  the passion  & wish to be productive. Watch their original great

Psycho Hiker Part 5 release date was announced for October 9, 2016.

You may enjoy watching the new short episodes of original show on the same-titled YouTube Channel along with any various applications. Psycho Hiker Part 5 release date on DVD  & Bluray isn’t expected, everything depends on the creators, so there’s no any clue or hint the fact that the will ever happen.


Rick T. Foster in Psycho Hiker Part 5 release still returns as a film director  & screenwriter being one of co-establisheders of One Epic Shot releases. Along with his friends he will continue to deliver the great content in Psycho Hiker Part 5.


In Psycho Hiker Part 5 release episode you’ll observe two guys driving about cross paths along with a certain “psychotic hitchhiker”. After making an try to run him down, the hiker seeks retribution. One of impacted individuals of Psycho Hiker goes out after his friend is gunned down. After finding safety in his apartment, he calls few friends for a few help. Then strange things get started to happen  & the individual quickly realizes which it must be too late for the aid of his friends.

Interesting Facts

One Epic Shot releases brings you a scary new web series established on the Hitcher films titled Psycho Hiker. Generally there’re currently 4 more episodes (along with Psycho Hiker Part 5 premiere) in evolvement as 2 get  currently been officially launched on YouTube channel.

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Psycho Hiker (Part III) Trailer

Psycho Hiker 2nd Teaser Trailer

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