Property Brothers Season 11

Property Brothers Season 11 Release Date


Property Brothers is a reality TV, which is produced by Cineflix. It firstly appeared in Canada and then in the US. Here you will see two similar to each other brothers, who have the Main aim to work as the helpers of purchasers and byers.


The cast of the Main Actors here is not so big. Here you will see the next people:

  • Johnathan Silver Scott.
  • Andria Barrett.
  • Drew Scott and Brandon Schinzel.

The producers of the serial are Gerard Barry, Jessica Vander Kooij, Kim Bondi, Katherine Buck, Scott Lindsay, Lynn van Rooyen, Drew Scott, Ken Seeback, Sarrah Sayami, Suzanne Chapman, Lyndsay Weidhorn. The music is made by Norman Orenstein and David Krain.

The cinematographers are Rob Garrard, Chris Matthews, Chris Matthews, Matt de Franza. The editors are Monica Dolejsi, Victoria McGlynn, Swapna Mella, Gray Jones, Jan Niedzielski, Sandi King, Swapna Mella, Jessica Cullingham. The production designers are Carly Nemtean, Jean Ross, Heidi Richter, Mindy Page, Jennifer McKune, Katherine Didiano.


Such serial, especially that season is used to help young couples to live in harmony and friendship. Here the two brothers appear in the center of attention and they wanted to convince all the buyers of the future in order to get the best result.

In each new episode they have the meetings with the potential home buyers and they try to find the most suitable variant by the price and by the look. Each person, who came for a help to such brothers, has no idea about the place, where he or she want to live.

In the new season you will see, how they help the couples to find the houses and apartments of their dreams. It is rather important to notice, that a lot of good propositions are shown to each person, but he or her must make the final choice, which will satisfy each side of the agreement.


Each new episode will be very Interesting for you. The Property Brothers 11 Season release date is the 18th of November in the year of 2016, so you can watch it now.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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