Project Runway: Junior Season 2

Project Runway: Junior Season 2 Release Date


That is an American reality TV series, the season premiere of which was on November in the year of 2015. Here you will see, how different contestants do their bests to get the main price and to become widely known.


When we are talking about the cast, we must mention, that here a lot of talented people take place. Firstly, let`s talk about the contestants:

  • Sami and Ysabel.
  • Jesse and Victoria.
  • Matt and Bridget.
  • Zach and Jaxson.
  • Peytie and Zachary.
  • Samantha and Maya.

It is presented by Hannah Jeter and Tim Gunn. The judges are Kelly Osbourne, Christian Siriano and Aya Kanai. Among the executive producers, we must mention Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein, Barbara Schneeweiss and Patrick Reardon, Tim Gunn and Sara Rea, Eli Lehrer and David Hillman.


In the center of attention in such TV show you will see Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne and Aya Kanai. They are experts in different fashion industries, so there is no problem for them to choose the right one contestant to win the main price.

And now we are talking about the participants. Among them we must mention fashion designers, who are at the age of 13-17 years. They must follow each competition and the present the best skills to have an opportunity to become a winner.

At the first stage, girls learn the rules of the show and then the judges begin the competition. Each week one girl must leave the project. Her destiny depends on the results of competition. A lot of girls just want to be better, than others, but it is not so easy.

The contestants came from different cities, so each of them is ready to be the best. Besides, the preparation to the show is different, so it is quite interesting to see, what will be the victim for winning.


If you are interested in fashion industry and if you want to have the great skills in it, this show will be interesting and useful for you. Also here you will listen to the most widely spread mistakes, which will help you to be better and professional.

The duration of one new episode is about 1 hour. The Project Runway: Junior 2 Season release date is the 29th of April this year. When we mention the season air date, we can tell, that it is the same.

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