Project Runway: Fashion Startup Season 2

Project Runway: Fashion Startup Season 2 Release Date


Project Runway: Fashion Startup is a reality TV series, which was made and created in America. The season premiere was on October this year and we are ready to present the continuation of this Story. The Project Runway: Fashion Startup 2 Season release date is the 13th of November in the year of 2016.


Among the Actors, it is important to mention the Main cast. A lot of adorable people will appear here and you must know them:

  • Katia Beauchamp.
  • Christine Hunsicker.
  • Rebecca Minkoff.
  • Gary Wassner.
  • Ryan Zamora.

The executive producers of this serial and this season are Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Patrick Reardon, Barbara Schneeweiss, Jay Peterson, Todd Lubin, James Bruce, Mary Donahue, David Hillman.


The Main idea of this serial is to present the people, who work in the beauty industry for a long period of time. They know a lot about it and now these people are fashion entrepreneurs. They granted the chance to pitch the startup ideas. And in the current season, you will meet Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, Christine Hunsicker of Gwynnie Bee, Hilldun Corp. CEO Gary Wassner.

Each episode they try to find something new, which will amaze the people, who work in such sphere. And they are sure, that world exists thanks to the fashion and they do their works on the highest level. Also here will be shown the competitions between different talented designers, in which they want to know, who is the best and who is the worst.


This reality TV serial will be Interesting for people of different ages, but people, who are interested in this branch will have the best variant of its understanding. They will know a lot of necessary and important things, which will help them to do the simple mistakes in future. To be honest, each girl must see it, because here a lot of adorable people took place and they will tell you all the fashion secrets.

The new episode will be charming and you will understand it by watching the serial from the beginning till the end.

When the season air date needs to be checked, this article will help you.

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Project Runway: Fashion Startup Season 2 2

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