Project Mc2 Season 4

Brief Review

The series is a spy project from Awesomeness TV, MGA Entertainment, and Katlin/Bernstein Productions. The broadcast is held exclusively on the online channel called Netflix. The first season premiere can be dated back to August 2015. The latest third chapter became available on October 14, 2016. Now it is a turn for the exposal of info regarding the fourth launch. The resumption as well as Project Mc2 season 4 release date remains to be announced, currently.

The acting cast of the series includes Ysa Penarjo, Genneya Walton, Danica McKellar, and others.
Project Mc2 Season 4 date release

Plot Summary

At the core of the story in each new episode, there are girls serving as secret agents of the spy organization called NOV8. They are Camryn, Bryden, McKeyla McAlister, and Adrienne. The series is tailored specifically to pre-teens and kids. The action is an integral part of the narration but the scientific part is claimed to unrealistic.
Project Mc2 Season 4

In the latest season, McKeyla McAlister tries to clear up the name of her sister as she is suspected of working for HAVOC, a criminal ring.

Feedback From Viewers

The series can be referred to a group of unique ones on Netflix, as it is a rare case when young girls are shown in science-related series. Viewers appreciate this greatly.

As for exact rating figures, they are not so high, being rather average. The score on IMDb equals 6.3 points out of 10, as for today. As for reviews, they mostly positive underlying that this is a great live-action show that fits perfectly well with the target audience. With the absence of a laugh track and rude sarcasm, the series is claimed to be a real hit that deserves its further continuation.
Project Mc2 Season 4

Will a new season air date be exposed ever? How do you think? What is your personal attitude towards this show? Are your children in love with it? Share your thoughts and impressions!

No Renewal Announcement

The current situation is such that we have no info regarding the series future. No official announcements have been made as for the resumption. Surely, with such unfolding, there is no essence in speaking of the new season release date. We should monitor the situation closely now. Stay with us in order to be notified about any changes in the situation!

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