Programmed Season 1 Release Date

Programmed Season 1 Release Date


Programmed is a web-series that is directed by the group of enthusiasts led by Kodjo Somana.

Programmed season 1 release date will happen in 2016. The exact Programmed launch date has yet to be indicated as the little generation group is as yet looking for financing for Season 1 and Season 2.


In Programmed season 1 episode you will see such Actors Candace Boahene, Ashton Brammer, Daniel J. Cullen, Collin Grubbs, Teashaun Jones, Ryan Kearney, James Mannan, Natasha Phillips, Bethany Scearce, Lauryn Templeton, Giselle Weithoener       and Meredith Zahn. Abbi and Ilana from Broad City are a decent case of this web series. The two youthful performing artists/makers started making web scenes of their web arrangement generally as an approach to demonstrate to their folks that they really were investing an exertion into getting their vocations off the ground.


Programmed season 1 premiere happens in an option present where outsiders exist and stroll around unnoticed. The reason that they haven’t been identified is that they are utilizing human bodies as their hosts, showing up as normal people and effortlessly invading society. The outsiders are going by a mystery society ‘Aznek’, who have utilized their extraterrestrial learning to plan innovation that can program people to work for them. Outstandingly to topple governments over the world keeping in mind the end goal to get worldwide predominance. It creates the impression that they will accomplish their objective, notwithstanding 5 got away detainees who know about their arrangement.

The human hosts are customized as officers of sorts, with the goal of doing the outsiders orders no matter what. Amid one specific programming, the framework is tainted with an infection and five people get away from the method. The arrangement takes after the got away human detainees and Aznek, as they chase down what they call ‘fizzled projects’ before they are presented to the world.

Tragically, the five fizzled projects are left with little memory of their own lives, not to mention their own character and are left in a condition of amnesia. They are additionally uninformed of what Aznek has modified them to do, and what their bodies are equipped for doing. They soon understand that to discover more about themselves, they have to locate each other.

Interesting Facts

  • Most of Programmed season 1 premiere was shot in Columbus, Ohio;
  • Programmed season 1 premiere has been advanced on their site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and requests open gifts with a specific end goal to help them understand the arrangement. This is not the first occasion when that a web-arrangement has been group subsidized and it is a brilliant approach to test gathering of people responsiveness to the arrangement;
  • A young fellow by the name of Kodjo Somana is the power behind the undertaking, and it will be his directorial debut. Journalists incorporate other youthful ability, Glenn Doyle and Tim Spencer. In the same way as other web arrangement’, the maker is for the most part requesting that his companions add to the venture, presumably working for nothing and obtaining film gear from companions from film school.

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