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The Profit – is an American reality television series. It premiered on July 2013 and was totally successful. The second season premiered on February 2014 already and continued in October 2014. It finished with ratings going up +115% from the first season and with great reviews. The third season premiered on May 2015, fourth – on August 2016. Now big and loyal audience waits for the season premiere and for the new episodes, because The Profit definitely deserves it.


The Profit is the reality show on the TV channel. That means – cast contains only Marcus Lemonis. In every episode, you can see the owners but only for forty minutes. Their business will be profitable and they will be gone.

But it`s not a problem. Marcus is a charismatic and you will like him so much that you don`t need anybody else. You will wait season five with many other people.


The Profit tells us about Marcus Lemonis. He is a self-made millionaire, philanthropist and he has an odd hobby. He helps small business owners when they need it. He offers them his experience, his investment capital, his advice and his skillful hands. He doesn`t want payment or glory, and CNBC works with him just because he took the initiative and was persistent with it.

Every episode tells about one small business. In the beginning Marcus meets with the owners and offers them his help. He observes the state of the business, looks for financial records, meets with the workers, reads the reviews. When he finishes he offers to buy the stake in the business. After a deal and handshake, he assumes direct control and fixes all mistakes.

He teaches workers, how they had to work and fires those who not understand. He makes design changes and buys new equipment. He orders advertisements and makes deals with suppliers.

And everything changes after his work. Business becomes profitable, the customers love it and owners should support it – this is all that is required of them.

The variety is impressing – owners can sell ice cream or flowers, work with people`s hair or cook for them. Marcus will come, work and everything will be right.


Many people like The Profit and it`s natural, because:

  • you can use it like a guide and it`s very useful and easy;
  • you can improve your mood – everyone likes to watch someone being saved from going under;
  • you can find hope for the future.

In his work Marcus has turned many struggling businesses into flourishing industry leaders. You can watch the process and become a part of community, that waits for season realise date and searches in internet “The Profit season air date”.

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