Private Eyes Season 2

The decent ratings after the broadcast on Global make the fate of the second season of Private Eyes quite clear. The next release has been already confirmed while the production has been given this autumn start. The extension of the volume is expected to take place almost in twice.

A Portion of Pivotal Info

The series is a crime drama according to the genre. Entertainment One and Corus Entertainment are producing the show with the team of immediate developers composed of Tim Kirby and Shelley Eriksen. The lead acting cast contains the names of Jason Priestley and Cindy Sampson.
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The first release included ten episodes with the pioneer one having been launched in May 2016. The Canadian dramedy is grounded on G.B. Joyce’s novel The Code. The broadcast is held on the Global network. For those who have missed the release, each episode becomes available on the next day, by the way.

Plot Summary

At the center of the story, there are two detectives named Matt Shade and Angie Everett. Matt used to play in professional hockey. The skeletons in his closet and the dark past do not allow him to lead a normal life. His ability to read people is perfect and join the detective agency of Angie, she teams up with her in order to find a proper use for his skills. Challenging each other almost all the time, they achieve great results during investigations. They form, thus, an effective partnership that is not letting any criminal to escape from punishment.
What exact cases come their way? They are referred to different spheres including horseracing, hip-hop scene, luxury dining, literature, magic clubs, and more others. The question of many watchers is, however, another – to what can their close communication lead? Is there some spark between them?
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What are the Viewership and Scores?

The series can boast rather solid ratings. The viewership, for instance, constitutes 1.4 million watchers. The score on IMDb is a bit lower than we might suppose – 6.5 points out of 10.
In general, the reception is good and we may hope for the subsequent installments, consequently. What is your attitude to this project? How do you evaluate the quality of the project? Are cases much exciting for you? Let us know your thoughts in commentaries below!

Following Developments

The decent viewership has predicted the future of the Canadian project, in fact. For some channels, this can only an average result yet for Global it is rather impressive. So, we expect the release of another season that has been already confirmed by the developers.
The number of episodes will be extended to 18 parts. The main characters will be the same embarking on investigating the new cases. The sophomore installment is already underway. The Private Eyes season 2 release date can become exposed only at the end of spring 2017. Stay tuned for more updates that keep appearing on our service!


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