Prisoner Zero Season 2


Prisoner Zero in an animated TV series, which was created in Australia. The season premiere was in September this year, but now you must be ready to watch the new season, which will be also full of unforgettable moments. The Prisoner Zero 2 Season release date is the 13th of November in the year of 2016.


In the cast of Actors, you will see a lot of people with great talent. They are the narrators, so you will only listen to their voices:

  • Gary Martin.
  • Daniel Brocklebank.
  • Danny Carmel.
  • Toby Longworth.
  • Katharine Mangold.
  • John Schwab.
  • Sophie Wu.

The directors of the serial are Sean Zwan, David Devika, Derek Moore, Gary Russell. The producer is Gary Russell. The music to that series was written by Maire Brennan and Aisling Jarvis.


Here in the Main roles, you will see Tag Anton and Gem Coll. They are two teenagers with their own problems. In this serial they have a great mission – they want to fight with the Imperium evil, which was led by General Vicar. He is a great manipulator and his great army colonized a lot of people. So. Gem and Tag are ready to be enslaved. It must be said, that this serial is very Interesting to watch.

In the new season, you will understand, who is Prisoner Zero and that wouldn’t be a great problem for you to understand, that he likes to travel around the world on his spaceship. So Tag and Gem, the Main heroes of the animated serial are ready to struggle for a good living and it exploits the orders of combat evil.


This serial will amaze not only adults but also the children of different age. You will understand the idea by watching the one episode of the first season. If you want to know more information, the continuation of the Story will be available for you and that’s great.

The running time of each new episode is the same, so you will be appreciated with the result. This serial will be a good idea for people, who wanted to spend time with pleasure and who wanted to know more about such an unusual plot of the serial. This cinema masterpiece will be appreciated by you and by all members of your family.

When we talk about this serial, it is very important to mention about season air date. 

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