Prison: First & Last 24 Hours Season 3

Prison: First & Last 24 Hours Season 3 Release Date


Prison: First & Last 24 Hours is a documental TV series, which was made and created in Great Britain. The season premiere was on October in the year of 2015. The third season already appears, so you can watch it at any suitable time. The Prison: First & Last 24 Hours 3 Season release date is the 11th of November in the year of 2016.


If you want to know the cast for that serial, you must take into attention the following information:

  • Siobhan Redmond.
  • Kevin Mitchell.

That serial is produced by STV Productions and Group M Entertainment.


This season will present you the prisoners, who are sentenced in Scotland. Here you will see the people, who live in prison for a long time and the people, who will release very soon.

A lot of definitive moments will appear here, so the jail time will be presented here in such an Interesting manner. The interviewers also will have an opportunity to see the prison staff and the possibilities, which they have. It is rather hard to have the work like this because every day they didn’t know, when the difficulties will come and where they will appear.

The prison governor will also be presented here and he also visits the crews of the jail. They try to discuss all the appeared problems in order to understand, what the results will they get with help of this. All the misconceptions of prison life will be shown here. A lot of prisoners were also presented here and among them, you will meet male and female. Some of them have mental illnesses, so it is rather hard for them to live in such conditions and to estimate, that life changed into a better side.

The other people were sentenced by the violence of different chemical addictions and sorts. Here they will get the help of professionals and they will have an opportunity to start the new life from the new sheet.


That serial will help you to spend your free time with pleasure. Be careful, because this serial was made only for adults. Children aren’t allowed to watch it because that will be very hard for them to estimate the new episode.

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Prison: First & Last 24 Hours Season 3 2
Prison: First & Last 24 Hours Season 3 3

Prison First & Last 24 Hours Seas0n 2, Epis0de 2

Prison First & Last 24 Hours Seas0n 2, Epis0de 2

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