Prison Break Season 5

Prison Break is a drama series created and released in the USA. The broadcast was carried out by FOX channel and the series has been airing since 2005 to 2009. The action of the series revolves around two main characters – two brothers, one of which was sentenced to death and the other one helping him to escape. The trouble is that the first brother has never been involved in the world of criminal matters, he’s actually innocent, but has no idea how to prove it. The production matters were carried out by Adelstein-Parouse Productions in collaboration with Original TV and 20th Century Fox. Brett Ratner served as the director of the pilot. Prison Break season 5 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the producers are sure the series will be released in the following year.

In 2003, the show was cancelled, but in 2004, FOX decided to revive the series.
Prison Break Season 5 date release

Cast & Characters

  • Dominic Purcell portrays a wrongfully charged Lincoln Burrows. The Vice President of the USA is killed and Lincoln is suspected.
  • Wentworth Miller portrays the brother of Lincoln named Michael Scofield willing to get his brother out of prison. Has to devote most part of his life to saving Lincoln.
  • Robin Tunney portrays a childhood friend of the brothers named Veronica Donovan. She acts as a lawyer of Lincoln being one of the most important characters in season 1 and appearing in almost each new episode.
  • Peter Stormare portrays a mafia leader named John Abruzzi. Suggests to help Lincoln, but has a catch.
  • Amaury Nolasco portrays Michael’s friend named Fernando Sucre.
  • Prison Break Season 5

  • Marshall Allman portrays a teenage son of Lincoln named Lincoln Burrows Jr., often referred to as L. J. Some people want to murder his dad and his son is also in serious danger.
  • Wade Williams portrays the chief among correction officers named Brad Bellick.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies portrays the prison doctor named Sara Tancredi. She’s partially and involuntarily linked to the events that got Lincoln to prison.
  • Paul Adelstein portrays a secret agent named Paul Kellerman.
  • Robert Knepper portrays a violent psycho named Theodore Bagwell referred to as T-Bag.
  • Rockmond Dunbar portrays one of the prisoners named Benjamin Miles Franklin referred to as C-Note.
  • William Fichtner portrays an agent from FBI portrayed by Alexander Mahone.
  • Chris Vance portrays one of the major characters of season three named James Whistler.

Prison Break Season 5

5th Season Air Date

In winter of 2016, FOX channel decided to revive the series and made the official statement about it in March of 2016. The cast was announced and the filming is going on. It started in spring of 2016. Prison Break is planned to be released in the beginning of 2017. The exact season release date will be announced soon. When we get more info on the latest updates, we will let you know.

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