Preacher Season 2


This new American drama has speckles of other genres including those of comedy, horror, and fantasy. With the TV story grounded on a DC Comics Vertigo, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon have scrupulously adapted it. The series is a joint venture of the entire range of companies including Short Drive Entertainment, AMC Studios, and some others. Only the first season premiere has taken place on the AMC channel this year, in May, specifically. Great figures have stirred the developers to action – they have confirmed that the next installment will go out in the future. Surely, Preacher season 2 release date can be announced only next year.

What should be mentioned as well is the list of cast members. They are the following:

  • Lucy Griffiths,
  • Joseph Gilgun,
  • Tom Brooke,
  • Ruth Negga,
  • Dominic Cooper,
  • W.Earl Brown,
  • Anatol Yusef,
  • Ian Colletti.

Preacher Season 2 date release

About the Story in Brief

Jesse Custer is the main character of the story. He serves as a preacher who starts doubting his faith. Asking God to bring him a sign, he meets with those creatures from alien entities. He is not the only one, however. All over the world, there are preachers encountering alien powers.

High Acceptance

The series garnered pretty positive figures when the first release was held. The viewership constituted about 2 million watchers per each new episode. As for the scores, they are high as well. On IMDb, for instance, it constitutes 8.2 put of 10 while on Rotten Tomatoes, it is even higher – 92%.
Preacher Season 2

Among the multiple advantages of the series, reviewers underline the great cast and a brilliant blend of genres.

Following Latest Developments

Right after the series’ broadcast was over, it was announced that the following installment would be launched. With such feedback, it is not a surprise for all of us who look forward to the continuation of the story and, consequently, to the second season release date.
Preacher Season 2

The promise is that the new chapter will include 13 episodes instead of 10. Various additions are expected to be made. So we should wait for new performers and characters to appear on the small screen.

So far, it is too early to speak of the new season air date. It can come out only next year. Keep abreast of the situation in order to become notified about any particulars concerning this project.

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