Money. Power. Respect Season 2

Money. Power. Respect Season 2 Release Date


Money. Power. Respect is a TV series, which appeared on We TV. The season premiere was in October this year, but we want to tell you, that you will have an opportunity to see the continuation of the Story. The Money. Power. Respect 2 Season release date is the 8th of November in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors include only the two people, who will amaze you by the first episode. So, here we must name:

  • Nakia P. Thomas.
  • Lord Jamar.

The producers are Toby Barraud, Mala Chapple, Rhonda Cowan, Jessica Ruth Goldberg, Carmen Mitcho, Mona Scott-Young, Stefan Springman, Eric M. Cyphers, Eric Cyphers, Jacob Huddleston. The editors are Brendan Sherman, Wesley Swinnen, Courtney Sommers.


Here in the center of attention, you will see 6 successful lawyers, who now works in hip hop industry. They have featured this show and here you will see a lot of programs, which are full of drama and glamor.

These six women have a lot of top clients and their relationships with them are rather good. They like to have a lot of friends and to visit exclusive events – each of the woman is very ambitious. They are the real professionals of each sphere and now they want to show the world how to balance and to have fun in each situation.

Their lives changed greatly, when each of the presented people realized, that law career is not for them. A lot of people work on this, but they wanted to develop hip hop industry and now they have great success in it.

This serial is so Interesting to watch because here each character will amaze you and you will love it.


If you want to watch something fresh, the presented serial will be the best for you. Here you will see the people, who have a lot of ambitious, and maybe, they will help you to follow your dream and to become successful in your branch.

Each new episode they will show how hard it is, but each character didn’t give up and you must also be attentive to your life. Besides, you can watch this serial with all members of your family and each person will be satisfied by the result.

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