Power Rangers 23 Season Release Date

Power Rangers 23 season release date

Power Rangers 23 season release date was confirmed by Nickelodeon. The details are disclosed below.

The army of fans is waiting for the new season about adventurous rangers. The chapter that will be called Dino Super Charge will be continued in Power Rangers season 23 episode 1. When to expect for Power Rangers 23 season premiere?

The Plot:

In the first chapter of Dino Super Charge (season 22) we were given a mysterious alien deposited by twelve ancient dinosaurs, but this creature were lost when the asteroid fell to the ground and destroyed the dinosaurs. In our time, the intergalactic bounty hunter arrives on Earth in search of Energy in order to increase its power and destroy all life. The new team of Power Rangers formed to find this alien before the villain and not allow him to destroy our world. Armed with "Dino charged" swords, blasters they would defend the planet from Megazords.

Characteristic features of new Power Rangers:

Lucas (Red Ranger) is an 18-year-old leader of the Rangers. He is energetic, charming and sociable. He believes his life a continuous adventure. But Lucas is not always such a specific time it involves a serious side of the leader.
Shelby (Pink Ranger) is an 18-year-old determined and stubborn girl. It is not the interest of the dinosaurs or the salvation of the world; this often refers to his irresponsible debt Ranger.
Quinn (Green Ranger) – calm, confident and a disciplined 16-year-old guy. Quinn often undermines their skills in sword training. He is a fan of tidiness, demanding fan of puzzle games on the similarity of chess and checkers.
Matt (Graphite (Grey) Ranger) is an 18-year-old Matt – big brother Riley likes wearing jeans, boots and an old hat that makes him look like a cowboy. Matt a little bit old-fashioned. With his younger brother, he does not always find a common language, but always tries to protect him, considering it a duty to his older brother.

Power Rangers 23 season release date was confirmed by Nickelodeon

Kira (Violet Ranger) is a 21-year-old engineer who has achieved a wealth of his scientific discoveries. Kira often hides her emotions. Deep in her heart she is lonely and needs friends, so the value "family Ranger" like no other.
Chase (Black Ranger) is an 18-year-old boy wearing fashionable clothes, listening to popular music, pet most girls. Skateboard and headphones – vital attributes Chase. In his spare time, he plays guitar.
Ivan (Gold Ranger) – 900 years ago, Ivan was a valiant knight. It values above all honesty and loyalty. Ivan great swordsman said with a British accent and uses old words from the past, which sometimes makes it difficult to stay at this time.
Code (Blue Ranger) – 100,000 years ago he lived in the jungle code with your tribe. He eats his hands, he does not wear shoes and do not care of hair. He was not clever, but very kind, devoted and strong as an ox.
As you can see, the new season of Power Rangers will be as good as the old ones. The fans won’t be disappointed.

Power Rangers 23 season release date has been scheduled by Nickelodeon for January 30, 2015.
Currently, there is no information about Power Rangers 23 season release date on DVD and Bluray.
While waiting for the premiere, watch Power Rangers 23 season trailer:

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