Portlandia Season 7

It is a comedy composed of short satirical stories. The development of the series is the task for the cast composed of Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, and Jonathan Krisel who star in the series also. The creation is for Broadway Video Television and IFC Original Productions. Originally, they were the internet comedy sketches fabricated by Brownstein and Armisen. The team of executives includes the names of Andrew Singer, Jonathan Krisel, and Lorne Michaels.
The first season premiere was held on TV in 2011. The latest sixth season release date is considered January 21, 2016. Due to the superb ratings, the developers keep gladdening us with the subsequent installments. The fate of the project is defined. The seventh season released date is announced to the luck of all fans.

Following the Concept

Portlandia Season 7 Cast
In 2009, the original online sketches were chosen for the TV broadcast on the ITV channel and that was not in vain.
The main characters of the story are the inhabitants of Portland, Oregon. They are so hilarious and offbeat that we can do nothing but fall in love with them at once. They interact in a very absurd way that an ordinary person is unable to imagine, in fact. You are just destined to follow the stories. Do not even hesitate about the worthiness of this project!

As for the Excellent Response

The perfectness of this comedy is already a mentioned thing yet we have not proposed the immediate evidence. Well, as for the aggregator websites, the scores are impressive there. On IMDb, we deal with 7.8 points out of 10. Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes offers even more – 97%.
Portlandia Season 7 Spoiler
However, is everything so perfect? Nothing of the sort, as the series has lost the part of its viewership. The recent debut has been evaluated by 0.15 million watchers only.
As for the reviews, they are positive in the majority of cases. The large fan base is always enthusiastic about the appearance of each new episode. This cannot but inspire the developers to keep producing it.

Recent Updates

Yet in February 2016, it became known that the seventh release would be arranged next year. The question was when the seventh season air date would appear. Surely, at that period, it was early for such things. But now, it is high time. Understanding this, the developers have announced the Portlandia season 7 release date recently. It will be January 5, 2017. The point time is 10 pm, Thursday. Mark this day and time on your calendar in order not to miss the premiere!


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