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Six seasons of sketch comedy in the past. Are you waiting for a new season? More crazy characters and more interesting people will appear in January 2017. It will be funny beginning of the year. Don’t miss this show!

Year: 2017

Country: USA

Genre: Sketch comedy, satire

Created by: Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Jonathan Krisel

Main actors:

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are main characters who appear in 59 episodes with their different roles.

Kyle MacLachlan as Mayor (19 episodes)

Kumail Nanjiani as SoCal Waiter (11 ep.)

Sam Adams as Mayor’s assistant (11 ep.)

Kristine Levine as Woman On Line (10 ep.)

Angel Bouchet as Angel (10 ep.)


All series took place in the small city Portland, Oregon. There are a lot of strange things because of crazy people. On the one hand, they are calm. But on the other hand, they are completely reckless. People are proud of their stranges. Furthermore they don’t like organic food. Who can be crazier? There are many unexpected characters.

Fred and Carrie met each other 16 years ago, but they have decided to make sketch comedy for Internet in 2005.They made a project that Fred and Carrie have decided to show to producer of Saturday Night Live and to main of Broadway Video Production. They were so lucky, so they made first season with a help of Jonathan Krisel in 2011. Carrie and Fred are playing most of roles.

Interesting facts

There is a statue which calls „Portland”. It’s not just a name of playing place. You can see it in the start of „Portlandia”.

Some characters are prototypes of people from Portland.

„Portlandia” is one of the most favourite comedis of Jerry Seinfeld.

Jonathan Krisel told in the interview, that people said sometimes „Fuck Portland”, while they were shooting „Portlandia”.

Promo Art

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Portlandia Season 4 Trailer

Portlandia Season 5 Trailer (HD) Fred Armisen

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