Pompidou Season 2

The current status of the project under the title “Pompidou” is unknown for the absence of official data regarding its second season. The new British comedy was not accepted positively that’s why there is a strong probability that the story will be canceled.

Brief review

As a new addition to the pack of British comedies, Pompidou is a not a successful attempt of the creative team spearheaded by Matt Lucas (Alice in Wonderland, Bridesmaids), Julian Dutton (Little People, Scoop) and Ashley Blaker (Rock Profile) due to the mostly negative marks given by ordinary viewers, as well as by critics.

The creative team is also composed of such executive as Layla Smith. The acting cast includes Matt Lucas as Pompidou, Alex MacQueen as Hove, and Jane Asher.
The first release of the series was held in the previous year in particular in March. The current amount of episodes equals six parts with the duration of each one constituting half an hour. The broadcast was held on BBC Two. Now the series is next door to cancellation, to the regret of its fans.

Plot summary

The British sitcom revolves around Pompidou, the main character living in the late 80s of the preceding century.
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Inspired by the famous projects with Charlie Chaplin, the series focuses on a tubby, pompous, penniless, eccentric, yet lovable aristocrat who lives in an old caravan parked in front of his crumbling estate. He is faced with hard challenges now in his life suffering trying times.

Ratings and reviews

It sounds deplorable but the state of things is such that the series is accepted in a very controversial way with the negative opinions, nevertheless prevailing in the variety of commentaries posted on different websites.
However, not accounting of this reception, the rating numbers were very much impressive making it hard to predict the future of the project. In Addition to this, the scorings on various websites are less than average. On IMDb, for instance, the mark comprises only 4.2 points out of 10 for today.
Pompidou Season 2 Cast

Regarding the revival

The current state of affairs is showing to us not a very inspiring picture. As the ratings are not even on an average level, as we have already mentioned, the chance that the story will be renewed for another, this time, the second run is little than never.
What we should expect in this case, you can ask. In fact, nothing. So, we recommend directing your attention to other hilarious projects broadcasted on BBC Two. Nevertheless, if you are deeply interested in this project and are referred to those rare loyal followers of this comedy show, do not forget to monitor the situation in the hope the developers will give the project another chance to improve the ratings and announce the Pompidou season 2 release date. Our service will help you in this issue as here you can obtain as much info regarding your favorites, as it is possible.


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