Pokemon Season 20


Pokemon is a TV serial with animation elements. It has a great popularity among adults and children of different ages. The premiere of first season was in the year of 1998 and in the year of 2016 you can see the continuation of the Story.


In this serial you will have an opportunity to see bright animated characters. In order to make the serial full of Interesting events, we must mention, that here a lot of narrators cast took place:

  • Kayzie Rogers and Ikue Otani.
  • James Carter Cathcart and Sarah Natochenny.
  • Veronica Taylor and Rachel Lillis.
  • Bill Rogers and Michele Knotz.
  • Satomi Korogi and Emily Bauer.
  • Tom Wayland and Tara Sands.
  • Jason Griffith and Rikako Aikawa.
  • Michel Sinterniklaas and Lindsey Warner.
  • Megan Hollingshead and Darren Dunstan.
  • Haven Paschall and Mika Kanai.
  • Eli James and Dick Eriksson.
  • Davide Garbolino and Billy Bob Thompson.
  • Andrew Pall and Thibaut Delmotte.
  • Vinnie Penna and Andreas Nilsson.
  • Caroline Cobrinck and Adolfo Moreno.
  • Bill Timoney and Blanca Hualde.
  • Natalia Jankiewicz and Mariya Ise.
  • Jake Paque and Megumi Sato.
  • Robert Kuras and Davide Albano.
  • Scott Rayow and Rich McNanna.
  • Lipica Salerno and Tony Shah.
  • Aya Endo and Lucien Dodge.
  • Melissa Schoenberg and Todd Haberkorn.
  • Henry Waylard and Kate Bristol.
  • Lori Gardner and Hiroshi Tsuchida.

Tim Werenko, Shigehiro Tanaka, Takemoo Mori, Takuro Muratsubaki are the producers of the serial.


That serial wouldn’t present you only the Main idea. Here we must underline, that you will have an opportunity to meet a big amount of heroes, who really like the adventures and who can find the quit from one or another situation. Each new season will present you the adventures of different friends, who are used to help each other in different life situations. And all the unexpected situations will take place in this season.


People, who prefer to see different cartoons, will appreciate this serial, especially such a season. The 20th season will be one of the greatest, so if you haven’t enough time to watch the previous episodes, you can start the watching of the last season. No matter what age you are, this serial will make your life full of Interesting and exciting moments.

The duration of one new episode is about 20 minutes. The Pokemon 20 Season release date is the 16th of March in the year of 2016.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

Promo Art

Pokemon Season 20 1

Pokemon Season 20 3

Pok?mon Sun and Moon + Anime Trailer (FULL HD)

Pokemon Sun & Moon – Episode 3 – Preview 2 (HD)

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