Please Like Me Season 5

Some series are difficult to be named just a comedy or just a drama. There are some projects that combine features of both these genres, while turning into a show full of funny and serious moments at the same time. One of such products by an Australian television channel ABC is series Please Like Me, earned a lot of awards and going on air since 2013. Recently the finale series of the fourth season of the show have successfully completed, but the audience is known to be very demanding, so the authors of the series often receive a lot of letters, where the main issue is as follows: when will Please Like Me be renewed for season 5? Release date of the next part hasn’t been mentioned, but if the creators decide to present the new episode, they are sure to announce about it on the Internet. Anyway, the coming of season five is rather predictable, so the program will probably return in 2017.

Creators and Authors

Please Like Me Season 5 Cast
The opening season premiere was launched on February 28, 2013, and the latest season release date was set for November 9, 2016. This part included 6 episodes instead of ten as it used to be in two previous seasons.
The main creator, scriptwriter and the main character of Please Like Me is Josh Thomas, an actor and writer from Australia, who was helped by Thomas Ward and Liz Doran. The crew of producers is large, but a few of them have been working in the series since its very beginning. They are also worth mentioning:

  • Debbie Lee;
  • Kevin Whyte;
  • Todd Abbott.

The main company responsible for the second season air date is Josh and John Productions; the network which is likely to present the following season start is ABC, an Australian channel.

Plot Review

In the fourth part of the series Josh breaks up the relationship with his girlfriend Claire. After that sad event he realizes that he became a homosexual, but Tom, who is his best friend, tries to save him from this obsession or to help come to terms with it. All Josh’s relatives are trying to help him, and in spite of the dramatic story the project is still full of fun and comical moments.

Besides Josh Thomas the cast of the show includes such actors as:

  • Caitlin Stasey;
  • Debra Lawrance;
  • David Roberts;
  • Wade Briggs;
  • Thomas John Ward and others.

Viewers’ Rating and Renewal Potential

When the schedule of the new season is presented, the audience will certainly be happy. Looking at the rating of Please Like Me on IMDB (8.3/10) one can definitely say that the renewal potential of the series is very high. The public is eager to watch the next season and believes that it will be as catching as all the previous parts. Stay tuned not to miss the moment when new season will debut and get all the news regarding the cast and plot of the future show.


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