Pitch Slapped Season 2

Pitch Slapped Season 2 Release Date


Pitch Slapped is a reality show, which appeared only this year. Here you will see the people, who are the finalists of different voice championships. And now they want to show the world, who they are and what are their Main advantages.


When we talk about the cast, it will be important to notice that here each time the new contestants come. So, we can underline the judges, who are the estimators of the professional talents:

  • Joan Bujacich.
  • Lisa Gonzalez.
  • Joseph Bilotti.
  • Diana Hessinger.
  • Kathy Knittel.
  • Jeff Seitz.
  • Yuka Yanagi.
  • Amir Mortezai.

And, of course, you must know the executive producers, as Eli Lehrer, Colleen Conway Grogan, Greg Goldman, Glenn Schubert, Mary Donahue, Stephen Lambert.


Nowadays there are a lot of singers, who use music with different effects to make the voice more pleasant. But in this show each contestant must sing acapella, because the judges believe, that such method will help them to understand is there a voice or the talent must be worked on.

The viewers have an opportunity to see the casting and each day of the competition. Here they must show, that they are strong and nothing would scare them. But not each person can do it so easy, so that’s why here very often the people return home.

The celebrities try to show the elements during the trainings, which will help each person to become more professional in such sphere. Some people use it as an opportunity to talk about himself. But a lot of people just ignore it and then not so suitable situation will cause.


That serial will be exciting and full of Interesting moments for those, who like to watch these competitions. You will be happy after each new episode, because you would see the people with the strongest voices.

The Pitch Slapped 2 Season release date is the 8th of February in the year of 2016. Such show you can see with all the members of your family, because it is so professional and good. Each person will have only good and positive emotions.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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