Peter Kuruvita`s Coastal Season 2

Peter Kuruvita`s Coastal Season 2 Release Date


Peter Kuruvita`s Coastal is a foodie TV show, which appeared on SBS Channel in November this year. The season premiere was really great, so now a lot of people are interested in it. The Peter Kuruvita`s Coastal 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


The serial will present you a cast of people, in which the Main character is Peter Kuruvita`s. He will introduce you the Story and you will be amazed at it.

Pay attention, that the serial is produced by the Precinct Studios.


Peter Kuruvita is the Main celebrity here. He created the Sofitel Noosa Resort and now this place becomes his home. He is also known for his great cooking talent, so here, on his resort, he will present the audience different meals. While working on the dishes, he tries to use only fresh ingredients – that will help them to get the best results and to become more popular. People all over the world have the dream to spend several days on his resort – that is really cool.

The Sunshine Coast and the surrounding region is the best place for rest and Peter will prove this statement. Among his own business and cooking, he likes to go on journeys and enjoy each of the places in the world. So, now he made a decision to present the world beauties in order to let the people know all the truth.

Peter try to explore the new environment and he meets a lot of farmers on his way. His Main aim is to involve as many people to this show, as he can do. During his journeys, he doesn’t forget about cooking, so the dishes of all over the world will be presented here.

In the new season, a lot of attention will be paid to the Noose Beach Club. Here you will see the permaculture, ecology, sustainability and many other important things.


If you are a person, who like to eat healthy food and travel as much as you can, this Tv show will help you to get your mood up. The possibilities, which each person in his life has, will be also shown here.

The new episode will last not so long, so you will enjoy the serial at any suitable time for you.

The season air date is an important data when we talk about this serial and its peculiarities. 

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