People Magazine Investigates Season 2

People Magazine Investigates Season 2 Release Date


People Magazine Investigates is a documental TV series, which is full of crime elements. The season premiere was on November this year, but the second one is already available for everyone. The People Magazine Investigates 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


The cast of the serial will be really fantastic and you will understand it while watching one of the several episodes. Among the Main people you must be ready to see:

  • Rick Papandrea.
  • Lawrence Moran.
  • Darrell Phillip.
  • Melissa Goggans.
  • Court Rutter.
  • Greg Thoby.
  • Tom Wade.

The director of the serial is Stephen Schuster. The producers are Chad Itskowitz, Emily Snyder, Brandon Hill, Joshua Koffman, Thomai Hatsios, Donnie Eichar. The editors of the serial are Benjamin Haslup, Javier Alvarez, Antony Berrios.


This TV documental serial will present the viewers a lot of stories, which are full of true crimes. Each new episode will amaze you because here different professional people will appear. The greatest attention is paid to high classes because they have all the special knowledge to live the life fully and to enjoy each of the moment of it.

The crime investigators will do their works here on the high level. But, as for the first episode, here you will meet Shannan Gilbert from Long Island. The events of the following Story took place in New York in the year of 2010. Here you will see the subsequent discovery of the several murders, which are connected with each other. The killer needs to be found right now.

Also in the future episodes, you will see a Grim Sleeper, who also plays the role of Alaskan murder. And the mysterious case, which is concerned with Jon Benet Ramsey, will be also presented here. All the criminal stories will amaze you.


If the crime drama is your favorite genre, this serial will amaze you. A lot of unforgettable and unexpected conclusions will be made here and that will make the serial perfect. Pay attention, that only adult can watch it to estimate the plot and the Main idea of the presented stories.

When the person didn’t know the season air date, he or she can use this Story in order to get the necessary data. 

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