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People Just Do Nothing Season 1 Release Date


People Just Do Nothing is a TV situation comedy, which was created in the US. The season premiere was on July in the year of 2014. And now we will talk about the continuation of the Story. The People Just Do Nothing 1 Season release date is the November in the year of 2016.


If we talk about the cast of Actors, here we must mention people, who appear in the Main and in the recurrent cast. So, very often here will appear the next characters:

  • Lily Brazier.
  • Asim Chaudhry.
  • Hugo Chegwin.
  • George Heywood.
  • Allan Mustafa.
  • Steve Stamp.
  • Daniel Sylvester Woolford.

It is directed by Jack Clough. The producers are Jon Petrie, Ash Atalla, Carleen Beadle, Emma Lawson, Chris Sussman. The editor is Gareth Heal.


Here you will see a mockumentary TV serial, which presents you a lot of talented people and their lives. The Main characters have the close connection with the London pirate radio station, which is located in West. The name of this radio is Kurupt FM. In the center of attention, you will also see MC Sniper, who is the head of this radio – he did a lot of developments in order to get the attention of different people and to become popular in London.

In the first episodes, you will see a lot of complaints on this radio, but the member of Kurupt FM didn’t give up – they use the special power, which helps them to be on the top. And in future, this pirate radio station will become commercial.

Then Grindah appears here and he has the Main idea to organize the birthday party for his daughter. In order to make it unforgettable and to amaze guests, he wanted to call DJ Beats, who earlier become popular by the great interview with Tie Land.


This serial can be hard to find, because it also has the other titles, like PJDN and Kurupt FM. But if you want to enjoy it, that wouldn’t be so hard for you. As for the genre, here you can see situation comedy with the mockumentary moments, so each person will be satisfied with it.

The running time of one new episode is approximately the same. So, it lasts for 30 minutes and that’s great. You will be very glad to know, that this serial was created only for adult people because this plot is not so easy to estimate.

The season air date if an important information, because it will help to understand when the serial was launched. 

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