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Payday Season 2 Release Date


Payday is a special TV show, which was made and produced in Canada. It will be exciting for people of all the ages. The season premiere of it was in November in the year of 2016. Nowadays we are ready to present the second season. The Payday 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


When we talk about such a great serial, it is important to underline, that here in the cast a lot of Main and recurrent Actors will appear. But we prefer to talk about the characters, who will appear here very often. Among them you will meet such people:

  • Ilia Volok.
  • Leesa Durst.
  • Ryan Martin.
  • Daniel Hernandez.
  • Daniel Graham.
  • Don Thai Theerathada.
  • Justin Yu.
  • James Bacchi.

The director of this serial is Damian Lichtenstein. The producers are Ulf Anderson, Bo Anderson, Jude Gerard Prest, Melissa Burns, Rami Galante, Demian Lichtenstein, Digger Mesch, Susan Newell, Ryan Martin, Greg O`Connor.


In this serial, you will see a lot of episodes, in which the millennials will be shown. They try to navigate the economic system and they do a lot to overcome the backdrop. All the events took place in America.

In this serial, the modern generation of people will see a lot of fActors, which disturbs the nation. Each person in our time wanted to have a good education, but lots of fActors except the idea and the purposes of such aims. Also in this serial, you will see a little interest to the jobs with a good salary because modern people wanted to work less and to earn more. That is some kind of global crisis.

The today`s flexibility will amaze you, but in the first episodes, you will see a lot of problems with unemployment. People try to be courageous and dynamic because the everyday life is a little bit of crazy.

The new episodes will show you something special and something new and it will help you to live the life without any problem.


If your aim is to spend the free time in a pleasant company, that serial will be the best idea for you. Here you will see a lot of fancy things and the people, who try to deal with everyday problems. But despite all the difficulties, each character in this serial is very brave, strong and responsible for all the actions.

The duration of the new episode is so big, that you must have a lot of free time to watch it.

The season air date is an important data when we talk about this serial and its peculiarities.

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