Party Down South 2 Season 3


Party Down South 2 is American TV reality, the season premiere of which started on 16th of January in the year of 2014. The serial was created by Sally Ann Salsan and Jersey Shore.


When we are talking about the cast, we must mention, that such TV show has a lot of guests, who came here to make it more interesting and full of bright events. So, among them we must mention the following:

  • Lely A. Boudreaux and Mattie Breaux.
  • Tiffany Heinen and Hannah Guidry.
  • Ryan Richards and Josh Murray.
  • Walt Windham and Lauren White.
  • Taylor Wright.
  • Michael Duke and Kelsie Davenport.
  • Megan Ladner and Ashton Mosley.
  • Hunter Robinson and Bradley Mitchell.
  • Tommy Theis and Raven Stein.
  • Karynda Worcester.

Among the executive producers we must mention Joel Zimmer, Kyle Simpson, SallyAnn Salsano, Melanie Moreau, and Jayson Dinsmore.


The first thing, which we must take to attention, is that such a series was made for adults. Here you can see a lot of drama and adventures. Also there will be a big amount of relationship ups and downs. Each season took place in another city and the competitors are also different.

That’s why, we are sure, that people, who like TV shows with unusual plots, will estimate this one as the most interesting and unusual. Here you will see, how the love couples can struggle with the other pairs in order to become winners.

Of course, the competition is rather difficult for each couple, but the prize is the only one hope for most of people. That season will help you to understand, what does it mean “the deepest feelings”.


We must notice, that such a serial is easy to watch and enjoy. Here you will see, how the life can change into a better or worse side. The main heroes are also very emotional, so nobody knows, what will be the end. To talk about the duration, we must say, that each new episode lasts over 42 minutes. It is not so long, as you can imagine.

The Party Down South 2 3 Season release date is the 8th February in the year of 2016. So now you have an opportunity to watch and enjoy it at all. The season air date is the same.

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Party Down South 2 Season 3 1
Party Down South 2 Season 3 2
Party Down South 2 Season 3 3

CMT’s Party Down South – Season 3, Sneak Peek 2

CMT’s Party Down South 2 – Season 2 First Look

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