Paranormal Witness Season 6

Paranormal Witness is a paranormal documentary TV series released in the USA. The series was created by a British production company. The show is described as eyewitness accounts from usual people that face paranormal issues in their ordinary everyday life. The first season release date is the 7th of September 2011. The release was carried out by Syfy channel. The series is also broadcast by Really and Watch channel in the UK. Paranormal Witness season 6 release date is unknown yet, but since its first release, the series enjoyed great popularity. Season 5 finished in October of this year.


In every new episode, usual people share their unpredictable experience of witnessing paranormal things in habitual life. The participants of the show share their stories about hauntings, ghosts and mystical events. Everything they describe is recreated for the show in order to demonstrate all horror of the things they had to experience.

Paranormal Witness Season 6 date release

  • Season 1 of Paranormal Witness filmed extraordinary activity in Mansfield Mansion, in one of the most famous haunted highways, and in a number of other places including the area of UFO landing.
  • Season 2 of Paranormal Witness demonstrated the horrors of Capitol Theater Haunting and mystical inexplicable things happening in Connecticut.
  • Season 3 of the show demonstrated the horrors of the Rendelsham files, the mysteries of Long Island and Lynchville, and a lot more.
  • Season 4 investigated the cases known as The Molech, The Real Conjuring, Demon House and horrifying Suzy Doll.
  • Season 5 studied mysterious cases connected with internet demons, serial killers ghosts, and other peculiar cases.

The cast of the show includes Daniel Cannis, Frances Stecyk, Robert Nolan, Colin Murphy, JoAnn Nordstrom, Delphine Roussel, Tom Bolton and others.

Viewers’ Attitude

Paranormal Witness Season 6

The viewers agree that this show is one of the best shows about paranormal activity. It recreates real experiences missing it with interviews. All this creates a scary atmosphere making you feel the same things that real people felt. Of course, numerous cases presented in the show look hoax, but everything looks reasonable, intriguing and captivating.

6th Season Air Date

Paranormal Witness Season 6

In November of 2015, the series was prolonged for season 5 made up of 13 episodes. It premiered in August of 2016 and finished in October the same year. When more info on the 6th season of Paranormal Witness appears, we will share it with you.

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