Paranormal Witness Season 6

Paranormal Witness Season 6 Release Date


On Syfy Channel Paranormal Witness Season 6 started to launch.

That season premiere was created in America. Here you can see a lot of elements of documentary. The British production company can describe it as the serial about eyewitness of paranormal activities. Here you will listen to the stories of ordinary people.


If you want to know the cast of such serial, it would be rather hard for us to present an information of such kind. Here you will see a lot of talented people and professional actors. But a number of heroes will be different all the time, that’s why it is rather interesting to see such story.

The composers are Ty Unwin and Joel Beckerman. Among the executive producers, we must mention Dimitri Doganis and Bart Layton. The producers are Simon Mills, Mark Lewis, Sarah Zammit, Amy Lee-Jones, Kate Harrison, and Steffan Boje.

The cinematographers are Gary Clarke, Joel Devlin, and Will Pugh. Among the editors, we must name Bjorn Johnson, Julian Hart, Iain Kitching.


Here you will see the story, in which a big amount of people are the victims of paranormal experiences. Every day in houses and on the city streets there appear the things and activities, which can`t be explained by nature or by science.

In one serial you will see the family, that was killed by the notorious serial killer. Here you will see the boy, who want to clear his name and him just tries to hide the death bodies from police.

The hardest thing is that the president and the police cannot do something to prevent such events. But they didn’t give up because they realize that they are responsible for the lives of the people, who live here.

It is quite interesting to know the new fact about paranormal activities, especially, if you had ever seen them. But, to be honest, that season of the serial will be a little bit scared for some kind of people.


The only person, who didn’t afraid of paranormal events, can see this serial from the beginning until the end. Here you will see such things, which will make your nights disturbed. Just watch and enjoy and don’t think of any bad consequences.

The running time of new episode is always 45 minutes. The Paranormal Witness 6 Season release date is the 3rd of September in the year of 2016. We can use it when we talk about season air date.

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