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Paranoid Season 2 Release Date


Paranoid is drama TV serial with the crime element. It was made in collaboration between Britain and German. The season premiere was on September this year and now the second season is available for everyone. The Paranoid 2 Season release date is the 13th of October this year.


The cast of such serial include the following people:

  • Indira Varma and Robert Glenister.
  • Dino Fletcher and Neil Stuke.
  • Christiane Paul and Lesley Sharp.
  • Dominik Tiefenthalter and Michael Maloney.
  • Anjli Mohindra and Kevin Doyle.
  • Jonathan Ojinnaka and William Flanagan.
  • John Duttine and William Ash.
  • Daniel Drewes and Polly Walker.
  • Richard Wheeldon and Jason Done.
  • Stephen Colledge and Danny Huston.
  • Nikol Kollars and Christian Skibinski.
  • Ayda Field and Shobna Gulati.
  • Moritz Krapohl and Ludger Bokelmann.
  • Natalie Amber and Wil Cheung.
  • Roy Tucker and Emma Bispham.
  • Colin Coombs and Richard Douglas.
  • Joshua Fisher and Richard Kelleher.
  • Eva Magyar and Vicky Myers.
  • Karl Ng and Jamie O`Rourke.
  • Isabella Pappas and Connor Sullivan.
  • Georgie-May Tearle.

It is directed by Mark Tonderai, John Duthie, Kenneth Glenaan. Among the producers, it is important to mention Richard Fee, Bill Gallagher, Tom Sherry, Nicola Shindler, Angela Taylor. The editors are Adam Trotman, Josh Cunliffe, Xavier Russell, Jamie McCoan.


Here you will see the investigation of murder, which is made by a group of people. Here the mother of the family is the Main character, so she tries to manage with all the appeared problems. Among the other Actors, we can name Nina Suresh, Bobby Day, and Michael Niles. Each of the following people works as detectives and they try to know as more information, as they can.

Also here the witness by the name Lucy Canonbury will appear. Her garden is near the place of murder and detectives hope, that she will help them to investigate the murder.


The duration of each new episode is 60 minutes, so we can compare it to the little film, which has a lot of Interesting events.

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