Outsiders 1 Season Release Date

Outsiders 1 season release date

Outsiders 1 season release date was announced. The details are given below.

The network channel WGN American presents Outsiders 1 season premiere. What should the audience expect from Outsiders season 1 episode 1?
The Plot:
The plot will tell the audience a story reflecting a fierce struggle for power and control. The location of the show is the harsh and mysterious mountains of the Appalachian Mountains. The plot revolves around a criminal TV drama – the Farrell clan. They are a family of outsiders who were forced to settle in these lands many years ago. Farrell has to defend his habitual way of life, so they resort to any methods necessary, even breaking the law.

Outsiders 1 season release date was announced

Creators of the show are Steve Blackman and Ryan Farley. In the show, you can watch Daniel Brickman, Joanna McGinley, Mark Jeffrey Miller, Phyllis Somerville and Eric Rasmussen.

Outsiders 1 season release date was scheduled for January 26, 2016.
Outsiders 1 season release date on DVD and Bluray must be expected in March of 2016.
While waiting, please watch Outsiders 1 season trailer:

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