Outlander Season 3 Release Date

Outlander Season 3 Release Date


For the creation of the television version of the world famous stories come from an American producer Ronald D. Moore, familiar to many for such cult films as Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Battlestar Galactica. 

Outlander season 3 release date was announced by Starz for spring of 2017. Currently the second season is airing.

Outlander season 3 is still a mixture of genres such as historical drama, fantasy and adventure, will keep the audience in suspense. In addition to the complex plot of spectators waiting for the original sample costumes 1740s. Recreated with precision to the smallest detail, the plausibility of the description of life at the time, luxury decoration and breathtaking Scottish scenery.


In Outlander season 3 you will see such actors as Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies and others.


Outlander season 3 episode 1 seeks after the narrative of Claire Randall, a wedded battle medical caretaker from 1945 who is bafflingly cleared back so as to 1743, where she is quickly tossed into an unrecognized world where her life is undermined. as she is compelled to wed Jamie Fraser, a gallant and sentimental youthful Scottish warrior, an energetic relationship is touched off which tears Claire’s heart between two limitlessly diverse guys in two hopeless lives.

Interesting Facts

  • Outlander season 2 premiered on Starz on April 14, 2016;
  • The series is based on the popular books written by Diana Gabaldon;
  • Doune Castle, which was involved in a "stranger" as Leoh Castle, was also filmed in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and the pilot episode of “Game of Thrones”;
  • For the filming of Outlander season 2 122 costumes were made for five weeks, which fully reflect the spirit of the time;
  • For the army in Outlander season 3 premiere about 70 muskets were manufactured, along with 14 pistols, 60 swords and scabbards, and 5 special swords for the main characters;
  • On June 25, 2013 Starz channel announced the order of 16 episodes of the first season of the series The Outlander by Gabaldon’s bestseller, which was released in 1991. Filming started in Scotland and lasted 38 weeks in October 2013;
  • The first episode watched by 720,000 viewers, and over the weekend, this figure rose to 2.3 million people.

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Outlander Season 3 Release Date
Outlander Season 3 Release Date

Outlander | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Outlander Season 2 Trailer song – Lawless feat. Sydney Wayser – Dear God

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