Outcast 1 Season Release Date

Outcast 1 season release date

Outcast 1 season release date has been planned by Cinemax cable channel. The details are disclosed below.

Robert Kirkman presents his new show on Cinemax channel called as Outcast.
Outcast premiere will include such Cameron Blackwelder, Joy Loden, Gabriel Bateman, Farris Boyd, Pete Burris, Lacy Camp, Reg E. Katie Jill Jane Clements and Bonnie Cole.
Robert Kirkman is better known as the creator of the comic novel The Walking Dead and one of the sponsors of the series of the same name, received cult status. However, it also has other personally-created worlds. Outcast is based on another comic series by Robert Kirkman. Unlike The Walking Dead, there are no walking bodies around here, but the atmosphere is no less sinister and dramatic. The impression is that when you create a "rogue states," the author doing research of their own nightmares.

Outcast 1 season release date has been planned

Kyle Barnes is still pretty young man possessed by demons. Fighting with his demons is better away from people (Christ with the temptations of the devil in the desert fighting). Therefore, Kyle becomes a recluse. However, its voluntary withdrawal from the world does not last long. Apparently, such is he got the cross – to help other people, which, as it moved in demons.
Barnes seclusion ends when fate brings him to the Reverend Anderson. He wears a robe and something to preach to people, but he definitely should not be the biblical commandments. Monk likes to lay the collar and tickle the nerves of the party in any game of chance. Here’s a spontaneous exorcists duo hit the road to relieve the soul possessed.
Outcast 1 season release date was confirmed for Sprig of 2016 by Cinemax.
There is no information about the release date of Outcast 1 season on DVD or Bluray.
While waiting, watch Outcast 1 season trailer:

Do you expect for this show? Do you have plans to watch Outcast season 1 episode 1?

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