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About the series

Comedy show Wild ‘N Out clashes two teams of popular comedians in what is known as Wild ‘N Out games. These are essentially the bunch of improvisational comedy sketches each team has to engage in real time.


What is going on in the show

Two teams contest with each other in the show. First team is called “Red Squad” and the second team is called “Black Squad.” However, after the Season 5, “Red Squad” was renamed into “Platinum Squad.”

 This team has Cannon as its captain until the Season 7, when Cannon became the leader of the opposite team, while “Platinum Squad” is led by a celebrity guest artist.

For the last, eights season, the colors of the teams were changed again, and “Black Squad” became “Gold Squad.”

Upon completing three rounds of games, the two teams engage into the final round called WildStyle, where they borrow the tradition of freestyle rap, and diss the opposite team’s members.

The teams can score one point per round victory in the normal games, plus they gain one extra point if successful in punching during the last round.

Interesting facts and anecdotes

  • The first 4 seasons of the show Wild’n’out were filmed in Hollywood and broadcasted on TV.
  • The show later was filmed in New York and broadcasted on the network MTV-2.
  • Since the seventh episode, the show swapped the cities again, and got back to be filmed in Los Angeles.
  • The "Wild ‘n Out Theme Song" for the first four seasons of the show was written by  rapper Fatman Scoop.
  • However, starting from the Season 5, the leader of one of Teams, Nick Cannon, recorded the theme music himself. The remixed version of theme music appeared during the final to date, the eights episode of the series.

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Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N Out S08 E08 Keke Palmer; Erykah Badu; Mack Wilds; Curren$y

Wild ‘N Out | The Real Housewives of Nick Cannon | #Wildstyle

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