Olympus Season 2

Olympus Season 2 Release Date

The question about the renascence of this serial is being discussed. Premiered in April, 2015 Season 1 had a great success among million of viewers. They were attracted by this drama consisting of thirteen episodes. And now the future of Olympus is charged on Syfy’s decision.

Olympus’ cast

The first season was set on TV screens under direction of talented Nick Willing. The furore of the serial is indebted to a number of brilliant actors. The cast included: Tom York, Sonya Cassidy, Sonita Henry, Matt Frewer and many others. 

All they made the audience be in wait of the continuance of this story. May be we can not say that it exploded all the ratings. But the majority of the statistics shows that the first season Olympus has got more than 5 scores on the Internet resources. And it is a great achievement. Anyway, these results have also some critical comments. And it means that there is something that must be analyzed and overworked. 


The main character of the mythological fantasy is Hero. Through the episodes he experiences love and betrayal, empowerment and disappointment. Everything that the life has prepared for him. In the new episodes he and more brave men and women will continue this drama in the world full of Gods and monsters. Their final aim is to keep the path to Olympus. The thread of destiny connected all of these persons and they have not any chance to act separately. They all have their own characteristics that serve as a supplement for the others. Only the cooperation will help these guys to achieve their main goal.


Now the fate of the characters and the Olympus in general depends on the Syfy channel of the United States. Their plans are not announced yet. Follow the net and don’t miss the season air date.

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