Olympus Season 2

A new Canadian drama based on myths about Gods and monsters is now next door to cancellation as the revival must have been announced yet far long ago. But as there is no official confirmation so far, we should wait for it. Do not hang down your head and keep on looking forward to the official statement.

Making a sketch of a newbie

Two channels Super and Syfy in two neighboring countries, specifically in Canada and the USA correspondingly, present as the part of the programming list the mythology drama under the title “Olympus”. The broadcast was given a start simultaneously on this TV couple if to be more concrete in the previous April.
The fantastical story is the brainchild to Nick Willing who is considered to be here a screenwriter and a director at the same time.
Olympus Season 2 Poster
The acting crew is scrupulously chosen including such actors and actresses as John Emmet Tracy as Pallas, Graham Shiels as King Aegeus, Tom York as Hero, Matt Frewer as Daedalus, Sonya Cassidy as Oracle, Sonita Henry as Medea, Wayne Burns as Lykos, Alan C. Peterson as King Minos, Sophia Lauchlin Hirt as Ariadne, and Cas Anvar as Xerxes.
The team of executives is compiled of Roim Reeve (The Wedding Date), Matthew O’Connor (Continuum, Flash Gordon), and Lisa Richardson (The Butterfly Effect).

Following the storyline

Those who will decide to penetrate into the plot of the series will get stuck in the world where humans, various hazardous monsters, and Gods are coexisting. The story is packed with action and myths on which it is specifically based. We have known these myths (sometimes being changed a little but though) since school.
If to get into particulars, we should define the very core of this story. The main characters here are a few brave men and women who banish the Gods to the realm of the unconscious – a place they call the Underworld or the Kingdom of Hades.
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The story follows the main character as he gradually turns from an innocent young man going through betrayal, love, disappointment, and exile, to a ruthless leader of humans, and a match for the Gods themselves.

What can be said about the second installment?

As we have only one season premiering already far long ago in the preceding April, it is high time to start worrying about the second installment. The situation is that we have no info available concerning the revival. Was the series not a hit in the above-mentioned channels? Or is it only a detention of the future release? When specifically can we expect the launch of another chapter? And is it worth waiting for the Olympus season 2 release date?
So many questions need to be answered now. But the current state of affairs is disappointing. However, let’s keep our fingers crossed nevertheless in case some inspiring hints at the future resumption emerge on official Facebook or Twitter posts. So be in the swim together with our service in order to be notified in a right time.


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