Offspring Season 7

Offspring is a dramedy TV series created and released in Australia. The release was carried out by Network Ten with the first season release date on the 15th of August 2010. Every new episode of Offspring concentrates on Nina Proudman – an obstetrician about 30 sharing her everyday life with her family and friends. They have to experience numerous troubles and true chaos of everyday life. The filming is mostly done in Melbourne. The show looks like a narrative drama mixed with elements of comedy with numerous flashbacks. Offspring season 7 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the producers have future plans for the series.

The author of the original script is Debra Oswald and the production matters are carried out by Southern Star Entertainment. Network Ten wanted it to be a two hour movie, however, later it was remade in a series consisting of 13 episodes.

Offspring Season 7 date release


Nina Proudman (portrayed by Asher Keddie). She’s about 30 and works as an obstetrician. She’s loving and caring. She’s an experienced professional in her field, however, she has to face numerous uncertainties in life. She’s constantly looking for love, understanding and balance in her chaotic life.

Billie Proudman (portrayed by Kat Stewart). She’s a sister of Nina. She’s willing to become something really great.

Jimmy Proudman (portrayed by Richard Davies). He’s a younger brother of Nina and Billie. He’s a free spirited person willing to get all possible experiences that life cab give. However, the Proudman clan is not always eager to support his unpredictable plans and ideas.

Offspring Season 7

Mick Holland (portrayed by Eddie Perfect). The husband of Billie. A hard-working and caring guy that is fond of music. He’s fond of his wife and his dog. Confides to Billie and Jimmy (younger brother of Nina).

Geraldine Proudman (portrayed by Linda Cropper). She’s the mom of the oldest Proudman children. She’s a creative architect and a very clever woman. Devoted both to her family and to her professional career.

Darcy Proudman (portrayed by John Waters). The father of Jimmy. He’s charming, caring, passionate and totally devoted to his family.

Kim Akerholt (played by Alicia Gardiner) is a 30-year-old nurse. She’s a gently loving woman. She’s also extremely sensitive with a good sense of humor.

Offspring Season 7

7th Season Air Date

In the beginning of November this year the series was prolonged for the 8th installment, however, there’s no exact info on the release date of it. When we find out more about the fate of Offspring and its 8th season, we will notify you.

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