Off Their Rockers Season 5

Off Their Rockers Season 5 Release Date


Off Their Rockers is a sketch TV show, which appeared in America. The season premiere of it was on November this year, but now the fans can see the 5th season of it. The Off Their Rockers 5 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast of Actors to that serial, it is important to mention the people, who appear here very often. Among them we must mention:

  • Reatha Grey.
  • Ann Benson.
  • Betty White.
  • Michael Yama.
  • Michelle LaRue.
  • Richard Reicheg.
  • Sheila Korsi.

The directors of the serial are Russell Arch, Tim Gibbons, Bryan O`Donnell, David Franzke, Hisham Abed, Guy Shalem. The producers of the serial are Adam Small, Betty White, Emma Conway, Matt McUsic, Kathleen Burns, Heather Rutman, Chris Coelen, Tim Gibbons, Logan Leikam, Eliza Skinner, Lee Hupfield.


Here you will see the people of old age and the peculiarities of their lives. People, who appeared here, like to have fun and they didn’t think, that their age can disturb them or other people. They try to make the community, in which all the people of such age will gather – that will make them spend a free time in a pleasant company.

The men and women, who will appear in the new season of the serial, are under the age of 63-86. They didn’t think, that they must change their lives and become dull. Each of the person here likes to be in public, so very often they spend the free time together with grandchildren – that is the best choice for them.

A lot of jokes will be presented here and the people, who will appear in the Main roles, have the best sense of humor.


While watching this serial, people in senior age will have fun. They will realize, that there is nothing to worry about – now they must be lucky for the things, which they have. Each new episode is rather Interesting to watch because they will present all the events, which took place at such an age. Also, this person will show you, how you must take care of the closest people in your life.

So, if your aim is to watch the serial and relax, this one will be good for you.

When the person didn’t know the season air date, he or she can use this Story in order to get the necessary data.

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