Oakley, Yukon Vet Season 5

Oakley, Yukon Vet Season 5 Release Date


Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet is an outstanding reality show, which will amaze people of all the ages. The season premiere was last year, but now we are ready to present the 5th season of the serial. The Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet 5 Season release date is the 3rd of November in the year of 2016.


That TV serial will amaze you by the plot, so the cast of it doesn’t play a very important role. But if you want to know such information, you must be ready to see the following people here:

  • Michelle Oakley.
  • Zac Fine.

Among the producers of that serial, we will mention Rich Confalone, Kip Prestholdt, Amber Engelman, Sarah McNay, Tracy Rudolph, Justin Silva, Eric Stalzer, Paul Donvito, Milena Chioibasu, Erin Yokel, Monica Acuna, Dana Kemp, Faith Bischoff, Jessie Dinh. The editors are Ryan Walker, Mike Gehman, Jason Spencer, Jon Ross, Mike Gehan, Kevin Nibley, Jeff Stein, Rin Westcott, Rick Winkler.


The whole attention in the new season of the serial is addicted to Michelle Oakley. She is the only one professional vet in Yukon territory, so she works with the whole Canada because she is responsible for animals get sick. She always works with such species, as companion animals, farm animals endangered wild animals and others.

As you can understand, this girl is ready for everything and nothing will interrupt her. She likes to work day and nights, because she thought, that her Main aim is to help different animals to survive in different situations.

She likes to travel to remote places and isolated areas if there is a call and animals need her help immediately. In the new season, you will see raging boar castration, curing the bear, examining the bisons and wolf surgery performing. But despite all the difficulties of such work, Dr. Oakley is happy and she is always ready for the new challenges and new tasks.


If you like to watch the wild nature and different animals in it, you will appreciate the work of a vet in this serial. With help of one woman, a lot of animals live now and she is very proud of herself. That is the work of her dream and you will understand it from the first new episode.

The season air date is very important when we talk about one or another serial.

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