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The OA Season 2 Release Date


The OA is a real surprise for people, who like to watch the serials, where drama and detective genres are combined together. The season premiere brings a lot of emotions, so now the continuation of the story is available. The OA 2 season release date was on 8th of February in the year of 2017.


You must know, that this serial has the huge cast of actors. Among the main heroes we must mention the following talented people:

  • Emory Cohen.
  • Scott Wilson.
  • Alice Krige.
  • Patrick Gibson.
  • Brendan Meyer.
  • Brandon Perea.
  • Ian Alexander.

It is directed by Zal Batmanglij. The scriptwriters are Zal Matmanglij, Brit Marling, Melanie Marnich, Dominic Orlando, Ruby Rae Spiegel. The producers are Nic Angell, Zal Batmanglij, Audrey Ebbs, Alison Engel, Sarah Esberg, Blair Fetter, Jill Footlick, Brit Marling, Michael Sugar, Nina Wolarsky, Brennan Parks.


Here you will see the film with an unusual plot.  It is the new promising project from Netflix, which has already attracted the attention of mysticism and fantasy lovers. The key character, around which the unfolding bizarre events took place, is the young girl by the name Prairie Johnson. This girl did not make sense for the city and she becomes interesting for the FBI agents.

Before all of these mysterious events, she lived a normal life, which was full of thoughts and emotions. Of course, due to the fact that she saw nothing, she had a lot of problems, but all the people have already got used to it.

But one day, under strange and mysterious circumstances, the heroine disappears. Her family abandoned all efforts to find her, but there were no results. All the people were in despair and puzzled by the incident, because where a blind girl can appear? But after some time, the relatives have become accustomed to with grief and continued to live an ordinary life, because they must work live and do the other efforts. Seven years later, when nobody was hoping to see the Prairie, she’s back and now she can see. Her family was so glad to see her. But where were she all these years? And what the power helps her with her problem?


The new episode will be so exciting, so if you wanted to know the truth and the reason for such great changes, you must watch it now. The story is so frantic. This season air date already appears.

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