Nowhere Boys Season 3

Getting involved in the adventurous trip over the parallel world after returning from school, the teenage characters of Nowhere Boys have become the beloved heroes of the Australian audience. Due to the advanced scorings, the series has stuck around being revived now already for the third round.

Brief outline

Tony Ayres had embarked on creating Nowhere Boys about three or so years ago and the result of his work was the premiere season which started appearing since November 2013. Being Australian in its origin, the serial was licensed by the local channel ABC3. The airing is also held by the way in the UK on CBBC. The second Australian debut was set starting from November 2014 and bowing out in February 2015.
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The series cast is composed of such teenage actors as Joel Lok, Dougie Baldwin, Matt Testro, and Rahart Adams.
Tailored specifically to teenagers, the series is added to the list of Australian action dramas with a fantastical theme for depiction.
The team of executives includes except Tony Ayres also such names as Michael McMahon and Helen Panckhurst.

Getting you wise of the story details

The main characters of this teenage story are surely teens named goth Felix Ferne, crummer Andy Lau, a child from the rich family named Sam Conte, and Jake Riles. So they are from different social layers but now get united finding themselves in a parallel world after coming back from school.
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The world in which they have been put doesn’t have any at least tiny recollections that they have existed ever there. So all relatives, as well as best fellows and all neighborhood, are not in the know of who our principal characters are according to their origin. So it seems like they should hurry up in order to struggle their way out of it. Otherwise, they are put at risk to be forgotten forever.

Being award-winning and favorable accepted

After a successful year of release, the series has received several nominations and diverse awards as the best show for children including AACTA Award, TV Tonight Award, International Youth Jury Prize, and Logie Awards. In such a way, it proves its reputation and perspectives of future revivals.
Nowhere Boys Season 3 Cast

Following the situation

Taking into consideration already the long-ago organized release of the latest chapter, it seems like it is high time the creators should present the third season to us this year.
As the matter stands, we are only in the know of the feasibility of the third circle. So it is to take place come rain or shine but when is reckoned to be a question number one for today. As the promises offer us, we should expect the release in this year November if to follow the tradition of launching. So let’s check back for information in case any changes take place and in the case of the early appearance of the Nowhere Boys season 3 release date. So be in the swim following us for the purpose of monitoring the situation.


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